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eye-catching retail ideas

Impulse Buying

The buying of goods without planning to do so in advance, as a result of a sudden whim or impulse.

Impulse buying is what we do when we are out shopping for one thing, but then something catches our eye and we end up buying something else which we hadn't intended.

The layout of a shop or business premises is crucial to this. Often, subtle changes in a shops layout can make a significant difference. Pumping loud music will only go so far when it comes to attracting attention. We are automatically drawn to items which look or are presented a bit different than the norm.

clothing rails

Clothing rails and shelving made from Kee Klamp fittings can have this very effect. They provide a rugged industrial look, which automatically stands out and will draw people in through curiosity. It is this natural curiosity which can often lead to the aforementioned impulse buying.

Various Designs

strong clothing rails

There are various designs which can be accomplished when using tube fittings. Clothing rails can either be free-standing or wall mounted, as demonstrated by the two examples above. Although we have Kit Options available, there is virtually no alternative design that cannot be achieved with Kee Klamp fittings.
It is really a matter of taking into account what the shape and/or size of the shop will allow, and having a clear vision of what the finished layout will look like.

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Wall Mounted Clothing Rail

wall mounted clothing rails

We have had many different clothing rail ideas coming through Simplified Building, but the Z-Arm design is one of the more popular options. Again, eye-catching is the description which comes to mind. It also allows for two layers of clothes to be placed in the one area, with both being able to be seen. The Z-Arm looks fancy, but it is made simple by the flexibility of the fittings.

To create an offset appearance, simply loosen the fittings grub screw, twist the elbow fittings to the right or left, and tighten the tube back in place.

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Tube Shelving

tube and fittings shelf

Kee Klamp and tube can also be used to create very fancy and elegant in-store shelving frames. Although it is of course possible to use timber as the shelf top, glass can further enhance the appearance of the fittings and make the display that bit more striking in appearance.

There are many different ways to create your shelving. Another method is to bore a hole in a shelf to allow the tubing to pass through, and this can then be held in place by a Type 61 Flange.

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Changing Cubicles and Safety Rails

diy changing rooms

The above images give further demonstration as to the simplicity of using tube fittings. There is no specialised skills in constructing a project in this fashion, all that is required is being able to picture the end result.

The image on the left shows Kee Klamp being used for its original purpose, as a safety handrail. Here it is used as a barrier around a stair opening, while the accompanying shelving unit provides a perfect match.

In the image on the right above, it is used as the frame for a changing rooms in a clothing store. The timber panels are secured in place by M50 Swivel Sockets. With these fittings, a bolt can be inserted through the fitting and the timber panel and held in place by a nut. This provides a simple cost-effective solution which really looks the part.

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  • Wall-mounted & Freestanding kits
  • Super strong and durable
  • Retail and domestic designs
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