Double Clothing Rail-Uptown Girl Boutique

strong clothes rail

Our latest featured project is a freestanding clothing rail based on our Double Clothing Rail Kit. The only difference here is that our customer, Jean from Uptown Girl Boutique in Cashel added a distinctive glass shelf to the top of the clothing rail. This added a new dynamic to the display and only served to make it more eye-catching.

Incorporate A Shelf With Your Clothing Rail

store clothes rack

The glass shelf was easily attached using the 70-6 Rail Support fittings with two on either side providing a simple method of fixing. Adhesive or double-sided sticky pads can be used to hold the glass in place and stop it sliding over and back. Once in place, the added shelf provided another way of displaying more clothes.

Retail Clothing Rail Footing

clothing store rail

The Elbow Footing was chosen in this case. As with the Round Flange and Post Footing options which are available, the Elbow Footing increases the overall height of the rail slightly. This generally isn’t an issue but should be considered, especially if a shelf is to be added to the top of the rail, as in this case. The Rail Support fitting which fixes the shelf also adds slightly extra height due to the nature of the fitting.

The Final Thought

The rails worked out perfect, I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jean, Uptown Girl

freestanding clothing rail

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