Dublin Horse Show Clothing Rail Display - PC Racewear

Joules from PC Racewear contacted us looking for a custom clothing display solution, as she would be attending the Dublin Horse Show with her exciting range of equestrian clothing and accessories.

Displaying products at an exhibition and marquee selling is something which a lot of thought and careful planning goes into. There is no point in having high quality clothing and appealing apparel which you know would be of interest to the customer, if it cannot be seen.
Garments need to be displayed in a certain way to ensure that they are immediately visible to people walking by. This also means being visible from both sides of your stand. There isn’t much point in displaying your clothes facing one side of the marquee if all your prospective customers are approaching from the other.

Making Everything Visible

clothing unit

Joules had spent so much of her time designing and perfecting all aspects of her equestrian clothing, she needed to ensure that people could see the quality of her wears on approach. Facing the clothes outwards from the top of the frame, all jackets were clearly visible from the front of the stand and from both sides. Everything needed to be high enough to be seen by the public, yet still within reach so they could be taken down and examined in closer detail.

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Industrial Strength

The bottom part of the steel frame consisted of one long horizontal rail which would be used to hold stock of all the jackets. This could be replenished easily as items were sold throughout the day. All rails within the display unit are industrial strength steel tube and can easily withstand the considerable weight of the riding jackets.

Assembly And Transport

clothes rail display

I designed the unit in different sections so as to make it easy to assemble the frame and easy to transport it to the venue. The sections could then be numbered and taken apart as required so as to fit within the trailor which was being used.
Joules also required a changing area to be incorporated into the unit, so I left a gap between two seperate sections for people to walk into and try on the clothes. The changing area would be closed off by curtains on all sides to provide the sufficient privacy.

Drawing Attention

Joules also placed another freestanding clothes rail outside the marquee. This was also constructed with our tube clamps and so matched up with the display inside. It also provided a chunky industrial look which would garner attention and help to draw attention to the jackets. The rail also contained a shelf for displaying hats and other accessories.

PC Racewear are based in Abbyleix, Co Laois and provide a full range of high quality equestrian clothing, available from a number of stockists throughout Ireland, France, Norway and the UK.

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