Industrial Clothing Rails - Strong, Durable And Won't Fall Apart

industrial strength clothing rails

Simplified Building creates various clothes rail projects using our Kee Klamp fittings and heavy-duty steel tube.

Despite the wide variety of projects, clothing rails are probably the most popular. There are a few reasons for this popularity, with the main one being the need for a strong robust option which will not fall apart when loaded with clothes.

Industrial Steel Clothes Rails Will Not Break

The main difference with our clothing rails is that they are created using heavy duty industrial strength steel tube. When I say industrial strength, I am referring to the wall thickness of the tube. We use 33.7mm O/D tube with a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm, while many other options consist of lighter, flimsier tube. These options usually kink and bend apart as soon as any sort of significant weight is put on it.

This is the main reason that we get so many calls from people who are fed up buying and replacing the cheaper options and are looking for a strong clothing rail which is heavy duty and built to last.

Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

  • Wall-mounted & Freestanding kits
  • Super strong and durable
  • Retail and domestic designs
  • Quick & easy to install
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Castor Wheels For Manoeuvrability

strong clothes rail with castors

Yes, our rails are going to naturally be heavier due to their robust nature, but we can provide castor wheels for freestanding options to make them easier to manoeuvre.

This can be especially useful in clothing stores, where they can be moved to different positions within the outlet to try and attract attention. The clothing rails can also easily be picked up and moved with one person on either end.

Why Buy A Strong Clothes Rail?

industrial clothing rails freestanding

While strength and durability are the main advantages of our clothing rails, there are also other benefits:

  • Customisation: We provide kit options where you can adjust the clothing rail to suit your dimensions
  • Flexibility: Our rails can be added onto or completely redesigned to suit your home or business. Contact us for help.
  • Aesthetics: Building with Kee Klamp fittings and steel tube provides a rugged industrial look which looks great and draws attention to the clothes

Kee Klamp Tube Fittings

  • 90+ fittings available
  • Strong and durable connection
  • Tightened with a simple allen key
  • To suit various tube sizes
  • Aluminium option(Kee Lite) available
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