Industrial Strength Steel Shelving

This recent shelving project demonstrates exactly why industrial steel shelving built with tube clamps works so well. The shelving can be loaded up with significant weight without budging. In this case, bundles of paper would place huge downward pressure on the fittings, but once the fittings are locked in place they create an extremely strong joint.

heavy duty shelving

Industrial Shelf Appearance

The wooden planks add significant weight too, but also look really clever when combined with the industrial look of the fittings. In fact, sometimes the rougher some timber is the more it can enhance the overall appearance. Many customers have old timber lying unused, which can come in very useful for projects such as this.

Strong steel shelving

Customised Shelves

Another bonus when creating an industrial steel shelving unit in this way is that it can be completely customised to suit the size of the wall space. This particular project features 2x 3.0 metre sections, but the shelving can be as wide or narrow as is required.
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Wall Mounted or Freestanding Shelving

Although most shelving is fixed onto a wall to keep it secure, freestanding shelving is also common as it ensures that shelves can be moved from one position to another. Sometimes also, the wall type would not be strong enough to cope with the weight of the shelving and doesn’t contain the necessary grounds.

The shelving in this project was freestanding and originally used our castor wheels, but the combined weight of the tube, timber and paper was such that we switched to using our flange fittings as feet.

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