Tall Clothing Rail Design- Size Matters

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Tall Clothing Rail Design

I came across this project while browsing previous clothing rail projects, and thought that it might be of interest. I feel it is a good demonstration of how to make use of space by creating a clothing rail which extends to the height of a ceiling. Although in this case, tube and fittings are used to solely create a clothes rail, with slight alterations and the addition of timber, plastic tubs etc, the entire frame has massive storage potential.

Storage Potential

The top half of the structure could be used for hanging clothes, with the tube size 6(33.7mm) catering for the width of most clothes/coat hangers. While the bottom half of the frame can be used to create shelving, for household clutter such as toys, shoes etc.

Add Storage Tubs

Plastic storage tubs could of course also be added, either slid in underneath or on a pre-designed shelf, the height of which can be determined by the height of the tubs to save space. (The clamps can be easily loosened and adjusted to different heights or widths).

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Create any size or shape structure

The beauty of these clamp fittings is that any size or shape of structure can be designed, ensuring that precious space is taken advantage of at all times.

Clothing rails can be attached to the wall or freestanding, depending on the need, and are available to buy as a pre-designed kit:

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Uses for a tall clothing rail

For this particular design, I could see it being useful in a few different situations:

  • Walk in Wardrobe: For me, the most ideal location for a structure such as this is in a walk in wardrobe, each side of the walk way if the space in the room permits, or along one side. As mentioned above, extra shelving can be incorporated into the design if the need arises.

  • Storage/Spare Room: If, like a lot of homes, there is a spare room in the house, this tube clothing rail would be perfect for hanging up clothes and segregating your wardrobe. Especially practical for big families, and should eradicate the problems associated with trying to get a large volume of clothes dry, if the room is usually warm.

  • Cloakroom: This particular design of clothing rail has many locations to make it possible to hang a large volume of coats. This ensures it would be a perfect design for a cloakroom in either a work premises or school. Depending on the nature of the work premises, additional shelves could be added to hold boots or equipment if required.

  • Shop Fitting: Kee Klamp fittings have become very popular in the shop fitting business, with their versatility and natural industrial look to the fore. They also naturally catch the eye, drawing attention to the clothes on display. To use this design, I would alter it slightly to incorporate more railing and provide more areas to display the shops wares.

Alternative Clothing Racks:

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