Kee Klamp Interior At Roxy Leisure

While on recent holidays to Liverpool, one of my colleagues spotted some Kee Klamp fittings while getting something to eat in Roxy Leisure. Tube Clamps are used in the construction of a number of different projects due to their eye-catching industrial appearance and because of how simple they make installation.

Roxy Leisure obviously wanted to match up different items within the building, giving the same appearance throughout. To do so they built their tables using the fittings, matching them with a mesh screen which divided 2 different areas.

Steel Frame Divider

The screen was situated on a dividing wall which separated diners from a games area. The steel posts were spaced to suit the mesh panels, while 81-7 mesh clips were used to hold the panels in place. As well as providing a barrier, the screen also added to the appearance of the premises, providing a rugged look.

steel with mesh divider

Customised Steel Tables

To match up with this look, the steel tables also utilised Kee Klamp, meaning that they could be customised to different heights and lengths. The tables are similar to our Standard Table Frame Kits, with an extra footrest added to suit people sitting on either side of the table.

custom steel tables

Larger Tube Size - Industrial Look

It looks like both the screen and the tables were built using 42mm steel tube and size 7 Kee Klamp fittings. A larger tube size such as this gives more of a chunkier industrial appearance when compared with the smaller options. All of our table kits also use this size, although we can customise these if necessary.

Lean-To Table

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