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radical clothing clothing rails

We were recently contacted by Ivan out of Radical Clothing in Kilkenny, who was looking for our 33.7mm Kee Klamps in order to create clothing rail and shelving units in the store.

The end result were durable, beautifully created clothing rails with built-in shelving, configured to create an aesthetically pleasing display. Ivan had clearly put some thought into which would be the best way to create the units in order to maximize the space available to him.

store clothing rail

Eye-catching Clothing Rail Display Racks

Despite being happy to help out with the design of projects, there was no requirement in this case, as Ivan had previous experience in using Kee Klamp fittings to customise the store. Mainly using Elbow and Tee fittings, along with Flanges as a base, the end result was an eye-catching clothing rail display, with shelving cleverly incorporated.

store clothing rail - radical clothing rail

Visualising the Finished Article

As with all Kee Klamp projects, having a plan and being able to visualise the finished article is the main requirement. Assembly of the project is made quite simple when using tube clamps, especially when we can cut all tubing to the required sizes also. Each fitting then locks the tube in place when its grub screw is tightened with an allen key.

custom clothing rail

Industrial Look Clothing Racks

As can be witnessed by the pictures, Ivan did a great job in assembling the tube and fittings to provide a rugged, industrial look which will no doubt enhance the appearance of the clothes. The configuration also takes advantage of whatever space is available in the store. Many layers of clothes can be visible, with the end of the unit also holding clothes, facing outwards so as to display these clearly.

Radical Clothing is based in Market Cross Shopping Centre in Kilkenny. They opened their doors in 1996 and provide a wide range of stylish mens clothing and footwear.

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