Retail Display, Industrial Clothes Rails and Shop Layouts For 2020

With so many store options available nowadays to buy our clothes from, it is a must for store owners to ensure that they are taking advantage of all available space in their premises.

Retail display is hugely important and the layout of the clothes along with the nature of the displays can either make or break the fortunes of the business. Making sure that retail clothes rails are eye-catching and cleverly located can enhance the various clothes on offer, improving the success of the store.

1. Uptown Girl Boutique – Cashel, Tipperary

display clothing rail

The above clothing rail from Uptown Girl Boutique in Cashel was based on our Double Freestanding Clothing Rail kit, along with a few additions. A glass shelf was added to the top of the clothing rail so that folded clothes could also be displayed, along with additional signage.

The design ensured that two rows of clothes could be added side by side, taking advantage of vital space in the middle of the store.

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Freestanding Industrial Clothes Rails

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  • Perfect for retail display
  • Castor wheel options available
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2. Radical Clothing – Kilkenny

store clothes rail

Ivan in Radical Clothing wished to create more of a custom clothes rail and shelving display. He decided on using galvanised tube clamps to give more of a rugged industrial look, but also because he could customise the store display and make it look exactly how he wanted.

Along with hanging clothes both sides of the unit, he also added a “Z-Arm” to the ends so that he could have clothes facing the store entrance, at 2 different levels.

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3. Kahlo and Apfel – Farran Village, Cork

wall mounted clothing rail

This retail clothes rail was based on our Wall Mounted Clothing Rail kit, only the middle rail was excluded as the kit wasn’t required to be high enough to hold two hanging rails. As a result, longer items such as dresses could hang down freely and be displayed properly.

The owner was delighted with the rail as it provided a strong option which we could custom cut for her. This ensured it could fit neatly in the corner of her shop, again making the most of the space which was available.

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Fixed Industrial Clothes Rails

  • Wall-mounted clothes rail kits
  • Heavy duty, industrial strength
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Very easy to install
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4. Corrigan’s Butchers – Drumcondra, Dublin

retail lighting display

The combination of red brick and industrial tube and fittings created the perfect eye-catching light display at a busy Dublin butchers, brightening up the display of food packages.

Jason Corrigan, of Corrigan’s Butchers, understood that providing the right shop display would draw the attention of his customers to his ‘mix and match’ meat and dinner selections. The industrial nature of the Kee Klamp fittings married perfectly with the brickwork, while the lights could be easily moved up or down if required.

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5. Roxy Leisure – Liverpool, UK

custom steel tables

Roxy Leisure had much of its premises kitted out in Kee Klamp fittings and industrial tube, ensuring that their fixtures all matched up and looked the part. Included in this were steel table frames in its restaurant section, a dividing screen which provided a barrier between its dining area and games area, along with lean-to tables and shelving. This all helped to give Roxy Leisure a unique and memorable appearance.

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