Strong Clothing Rail- Keeping Your Clothes Off The Floor

strong clothing rail

When Antoinette came to me with a clothing rail problem, I instantly knew that we would be able to help her out. Let down by previous clothing rail frames which she had purchased elsewhere, a strong and durable clothes rack was now required.

strong clothing rail 1

Project Details

Like so many other flimsy rails, her previous frame had collapsed under the extra weight of the clothes. Luckily, our strong clothing rail frames are constructed from 33.7mm tubing.

Light but Strong Rail

While light enough to be easily manoeuvred into position,the clothes rail also looks great and is strong enough to hold a huge weight. More weight than would ever be needed.
In fact, we have often sold the same size tube and fittings as a Pull-Up Bar, where up to 2 fully grown men have been doing pull-ups on it. Needless to say, Antoinette had come to the right place.

strong and durable clothing rack

Durable Clothes Rail

We pride ourselves on the strength that our clothing rails provide. Each design which we provide are durable and will not break apart, even if overloaded with soaking wet clothes.

Variety Of Options

The only decision now was what clothing rail design she wanted to go for. We have other kit designs available on our site, but these are simply to give people ideas. The fittings are extremely flexible and allow you to fully customise and build your clothing rail.

strong clothing rail 4

Rectangular Design

The rectangular design which was opted for allows 2 layers of clothes along each edge, utilising a small amount of room space while being able to hang twice the amount of clothes. As I explained to Antoinette, the clothing rail would be easily strong enough to fully load with soaking wet clothes if required, making it a long lasting option.

View alternative designs

Rail Storage

If required, the clothing rail can be easily disassembled and stored away. Each piece of tube is locked in place by a small grub screw, which is tightened or loosened by a simple allen key. This ensures that the clothing rail can be erected or taken down repeatedly, with none of its strength being lost.

Buy Pre-Designed Kits

  • Wall-mounted & Freestanding kits
  • Super strong and durable
  • Retail and domestic designs
  • Quick & easy to install
View Kits

View our Clothing Rail Kits which feature various designs for both free-standing and wall-mounted applications. If you don't see a design to suit your needs, give us a call on 086 1408442 and let us help with your custom clothing rail design today.

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