Superdry Clothing Store Shopfitting

One of our team recently spotted some custom clothes rails, signage and steel shelving in a Superdry store. The entire store was fitted out with Kee Klamp fittings, which provided an eye-catching appearance.

It also ensured that clothes could be displayed in a variety of different ways to suit the shop layout. The tube rails could be manoeuvred in any possible direction to accommodate the shelving and signage also. This provided a unique method of shop fitting which could be easily installed and customised to make best use of the space available.

straight clothes rail

Rail Appearance

The fittings and tube looked like they were coated a light gold/bronze colour to match in with their surroundings. Each section of clothes featured either a straight arm, a Z shaped arm or a combination of both for displaying clothes at various levels.

All the clothes were faced outwards so that they could be seen by customers. We actually have a similar clothing rail kit available where you can choose which options you’d prefer, while we will then cut the tube rails for you.

Fixed Industrial Clothes Rails

  • Wall-mounted clothes rail kits
  • Heavy duty, industrial strength
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Very easy to install
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diy shopfitting

Steel Signage

The folks at Superdry also wanted to display a separate range of garments within the shop. To draw attention to this section, they also held a sign in place using the fittings. This was easily achieved with the help of a few Tee fittings, which connected two vertical poles to mount the sign on. Everything looked very simple, but it was still a clever way of adding the sign to the existing unit.

store signs

Adding Timber Shelving

Timber shelves were another feature which were wall mounted at various locations around the store. Again, this took advantage of wall space and allowed for rows of jeans to be displayed efficiently. To do so, a straight arm was extended outwards from the wall and contained 2 rail support fittings on either side. These would allow the shelf to be screwed into place from underneath, forming a secure connection.

The only thing to be careful about here was to ensure that the timber was thick enough so as not to let the screws go right through them. This would only snag jeans if unnoticed, or worse still could cut a customers hand.

clothing display stand

Freestanding Options

We also have freestanding clothing units available which can be placed at any location throughout the shop. This is perfect for when you want to have a complete retro look and match everything up, keeping the same appearance. Of course, these can also be altered or designed differently for different applications.

Freestanding Industrial Clothes Rails

  • Freestanding clothes rail kits
  • Long lasting steel frame
  • Perfect for retail display
  • Castor wheel options available
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