The Wall Mounted Display Rack - Enhance Your Store

With so much competition in the retail and clothing industry, finding a way of displaying clothes to ensure they stand out is absolutely crucial.
Having an exciting range of clothes which would otherwise draw plenty of attention can prove to be a waste if they are not displayed properly, where everyone can easily see them.

Opportunity And Impulse Buying

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The Wall Mounted Display Rack works so well because it faces clothes outwards from the wall, meaning that they can easily be seen at all times. It also affords clothing store owners the opportunity to customise their rails to include different layers of clothes at different heights, without taking up valued space within the store.
Opportunity just may be the key word in retail as often purchases are made completely by chance, or on impulse. Often customers browsing for something else will end up making an impulse buy because something else caught their eye.

Our clothes rail really made our jackets stand out. Unlike the cheap options I have tried previously, they can also withstand a large volume of clothes in one go, without buckling under the weight.

Marie, Customer

Unique Industrial Look

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The Clothes Display Rack is certainly very eye-catching and owes its unique appearance to the tube clamps and industrial tubing which it is constructed with. The industrial look is very much coming back into fashion for this very reason and is very popular in larger outlets such as Superdry and more. It works well because it not only has this unique look, but can also be configured to suit an infinite number of different designs.

Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

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Heavy Duty Solutions

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Clothes rails constructed with tube clamps, or Kee Klamps, can be wall mounted or freestanding, depending on the requirement. The wall mounted rails are easily attached using a round Wall Flange and provide a heavy duty solution which can hold large volumes of clothes.

Freestanding Rails

Freestanding options give you the freedom to move the rails between different positions, which can allow you to gauge where the unit has the most impact.

Customising The Clothes Rail Display

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When customising the Display Rack, there are options to add the “Z-arm” or straight arm rails, depending on how you want the rack to look. You can select as many variations as you want as long as the height of the rail is adjusted accordingly to accommodate all options.
The Z-arm is a nice feature as it allows for two layers of clothes to be hung at slightly different levels, meaning that they overlap each other. It can be positioned in line with the upright or lying off at an angle for greater impact.

Whichever way you customise your rail, the Display Rack provides a great eye-catching option in retail. It will help to display the clothes to ensure that they get noticed and instantly enhance your store.

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