Wetsuit Clothes Rail - Industrial Strength

John was looking for a clothing rail solution which would be strong enough to hold heavy wetsuits, while being flexible enough to be customised to suit a tight space.

The rail was to be placed in front of a radiator in a tight corner of the room, to allow the wetsuits to quickly dry off and be used again. John had seen the below design on our website which looked ideal and would suit these needs.

industrial clothes rail

Customising The Rail

The wetsuit hanging rail would more or less replicate one side of this design, with the bottom horizontal tube acting as an extra support to firmly secure the rail to the wall. For similar projects, this tube could be utilised further up the vertical support for double hanging space. However, in this case the extra length was needed to provide enough room for the wetsuits.

custom heavy duty clothing rail

Industrial Strength Clothes Rail

Each of our projects are constructed using industrial strength steel tubing with a 2.5mm-3mm wall thickness, so there was no fear of the rail not being strong enough. The main concern is always that there is a sufficient connection to the walls and that they are structurally sound enough to hold our rails.

Fixing To Walls And Floors

We recommend using our 61-6 Wall Flange for connecting to the walls and floor. These contain 4 screw holes to ensure a strong and secure fixing point. The flange on the ground can be stuck or screwed to stop any movement of the upright.

Once installed, our industrial clothes rails provided yet another simple solution which worked a treat. They provided the required strength and durability; they were easily installed and they also looked great. Being able to customise all clothing rails is often the biggest attraction however, as we can custom design all rails to suit our customer’s needs.

Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

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