X-Style Freestanding Clothing Rail - Ideal for Retail

free-standing clothing rail-retail

I recently recreated this X-shaped free-standing clothing rail for a children’s clothing shop in Galway City. A critical requirement for the rail was that it would allow for a layer of clothes at kid’s eye-level, as the shop owner noted that kids liked to be able to see the clothes themselves.

Industrial Clothes Rail

Of course, this made sense, so this design was perfect in that its height made it eye-catching from a distance, while also allowing clothes to be hung at a lower level for the little ones. The industrial nature of the Kee Klamp fittings only added to the beauty of the completed rail.

Eye-Catching Retail Solution

One slight variation I made was that I included a 75-6 Collar fitting under each X-section. With this fitting tightened in position, the 40-6 Four Socket Cross could sit loose on top of it, without being tightened itself. This would ensure that the two layers of clothing rails could be rotated freely, providing an ideal solution for a busy clothes shop.

The end result was a strong and durable clothing rail. While elegant and manoeuvrable, the clothing rail was tough and could withstand many clothes being hung on it, even while rotating.

free-standing clothing rail built with kee klamp fittings

Strong support and stability

The only other change I made was to the base of the clothing rail. The project which is pictured features a square timber base to provide stability, while my design consisted of another X-section consisting of tube and fittings, along with 4 90° Elbow fittings as feet. This gave the clothing rail a solid base, providing strong support and stability.

As with all our pre-designed kits, customising is never a problem. We actually encourage it, as creating your own custom clothes rail, table, shelving unit etc is more fun and gives the customer a sense of pride.

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