Ballivor GFC Spectator Safety Barrier

safety barrier project-ballivor gfc

Recently, we were delighted to supply our Kee Klamp fittings to Ballivor football club. The fittings enabled the club to close off their pitch with a sturdy safety railing around its perimeter, ensuring spectator safety while games are in progress.

Along the car park side of the field, a lower section of barrier was installed to provide a safe path to walk along the pitch, while ensuring that all cars are kept back at a safe distance.

Tee Fittings For Pitch Rails

The 10-8 Single Socket Tee(left above) and the 25-8 Three Socket Tee(right above) were the main fittings used to construct the rail. The 10-8 sits on top of the upright post and allows the tube to pass through it. The 25-8 performs the same function, although it also allows for two rail ends to be joined securely within the fitting.

perimeter safety rail fittings

Access To The Playing Area

A narrow access point was left directly behind the goals to allow for easy access in order to retrieve the ball and for officials to pass through if required. The rail is terminated on a 15-8 90° Elbow fitting which attaches to the top of the upright.

football pitch handrail
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Installation Of Pitch Railing

The installers of the safety barrier did a superb job in ensuring that it was straight and uniform the whole way around the pitch. They did so by keeping the bottom of the posts in a direct line, while ensuring that all posts were kept plumb within the system.

pitch safety rails

Cementing The Railing Posts

As seen above, the tube uprights were bedded into a concrete base to ensure stability. Another option would be to use the Type 62 Standard Railing Flange where a smooth concrete surface exists. This fitting contains a bolt hole on either side to allow for secure fixing into the concrete.

Project Images

Safety Rail For Sports Grounds pitch perimeter railing sports field perimeter fence

Thanks To Ballivor GFC

Ballivor GFC have done a tremendous job in recent times of upgrading their grounds, showing tremendous pride in their club by maintaining it to the highest standard.

Simplified Building would like to wish the club all the best with regards all their future endeavors

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