Catamaran Rail System

corrosion resistant handrail-aluminium

This catamaran handrail project was definitely the first of its kind for us at Simplified.
In most cases, our galvanised steel handrails are plenty sufficient in lasting the test of time against harsh weather conditions. But putting handrail on a boat to battle the persistent spray and salt water would require components which could offer more resistance.

Aluminium Handrail

Being a regular fisherman in the Atlantic Ocean, Jason required corrosion resistant tube and fittings to combat against the harsh conditions and constant spray of the water. Swivel fittings allowed for the railing to be connected in the required positions to be in unison with the outriggers.

Corrosion Resistant Tube Fittings

Like the Kee Klamp range, our aluminium fittings range provides swivel fittings to ensure that the tube can be connected at various angles. This can be very useful, especially when the exact angle is not known. For this project, the versatility of the LC50 Swivel Socket and LC58 Swivel Flange were ideal for such a scenario.

handrail system on a boat

(It was a) really good system we are fishing offshore off the North West coast of Ireland until December so things need to be right,used the swivel fittings for the outriggers which worked perfect and allowed us to change the angle in two directions,all the different fittings available allow for a personalised build,the aluminium is lightweight corrosion resistant and does not need painting,just brilliant ,thanks for everything


catamaran railing system

Kee Lite Aluminium Fittings

  • Naturally corrosion resistant
  • Tightened with an allen key
  • Strong and durable
  • 1/3 the weight of Kee Klamp
  • Ask us for design help

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