Custom Workout Stations - Getting Fit In 2020

Consistent with the first month or two of every year, January 2019 has been packed with people looking to improve their health and to start getting fitter and stronger. All kinds of new methods have been introduced as everyone looks to tailor their workout to suit their individual needs.

Below are some examples of projects created with Kee Klamp fittings to provide custom home workout structures.

Square Workout Station

workout station/pull-up bars

This square workout station consists of 4 horizontal bars which can be adjusted to different heights to suit many different types of exercises. The bars can be loosened with just the turn of an allen key, which makes for a quick and seamless transition.

Rope Ascents, Pull-Ups and Muscle-Ups

In this case, a rope was fixed to the bar at its highest point to enable the customer to do rope ascents, while the other bars were fixed in position to allow for pull-ups and muscle-ups.

Wall Mounted Crossfit Pull Up Bars

wall mounted pull-up bars crossfit

The customers for the above were looking for a wall mounted pull-up bar solution which would be inexpensive, flexible and strong enough to withstand a lot of weight.


As they were being placed in a busy gym environment, the equipment would need to be able to withstand a large volume of weight. The wall flanges used were able to provide a solid connection to the wall, while the spaced vertical bars transferred weight directly to the ground.


The nature of our Kee Klamp fittings allows for complete flexibility. Structures can be arranged in any way possible to ensure the perfect workout environment. Contact us for design advice.

Freestanding Pull Up Bar

freestanding pull-up bar

There are many various ways of constructing a pull-up bar, with the above picture being one such example. A freestanding pull-up bar such as this can be easily transported to any location.
As all our gym equipment is constructed with galvanised steel tube, there is no problem leaving the pull-up bar outside, no matter what the weather. Buy a freestanding pull-up bar.

The Pull-Up Challenge

workout equipment

The Pull-Up Challenge was an event held at a Spartan race in the US, sponsored by our American colleagues. The structure needed to be strong enough to allow up to 6 competitors compete side by side in seeing who could achieve the most pull-ups.

Fittings Flexibility

Due to the flexibility of our Kee Klamp fittings, it was possible to extend the structure vertically in order to hold a banner at a height that it could be seen.

Indoor Monkey Bars For Gym

custom monkey bars

Monkey bars are an extremely effective method of strengthening your core and upper body.
As with all our wall mounted Kee Klamp projects, the strength of the tube and fittings can be guaranteed. The main consideration is that a solid fixing can be achieved, usually into the wall or ceiling. In this case, our 62-6 Railing Base Flange is used as it contains two bolts. This would allow for the monkey bar frame to be bolted into the beam above.

**If there are no solid grounds available overhead, a monkey bars can still be installed by running support bars from the floor to the ceiling. This obviously space permitting.

Each of the projects above were easily put together using allen key fittings. Although some were customers designs, or based on home gym equipment which they had seen elsewhere, we are happy to help you with your design. This way you can have your own home workout tailored to suit your preferred exercises. View other Sports & Gym projects.

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