Home Ballet Barre and Exercise Bar

One of the lads in Simplified US had a particular dilemma, 3 daughters who were all crazy for Ballet, but no equipment in the home.

Having evaluated his options, he decided that the best option was to create one himself, using Kee Lite fittings and aluminium tube. His girls could then practice their ballet from home and make good use of the barre, perfecting their technique.

light ballet barre

Home Ballet Barre

With a willing Ballet teacher and space at home, assembling the ballet barre would provide the last step and allow his girls to do what they do best. It can be easily put together(and deconstructed if required), is strong and durable and can be easily manoeuvred around the house for storage. The bottom of the horizontal bars can also be easily transitioned to different heights to suit the user.

ballet barre for the home

Perfect For Stretching And Home Exercise

Being made from aluminium tube, the barre would be ideal as it would be very strong and never break down or get damaged, but would also be light enough to be easily moved to one side when not in use. It could also be used for home exercises and could help out with yoga and other stretching techniques, keeping adults and kids alike in good shape.

To give an idea of size, the following tube lengths were used for the barre in the pictures: 1.5m for the horizontal barres, 1m for the leg heights, 600mm for the feet, and 75mm tubes with plastic end plugs for inside the elbows so as not to scratch the floor.

If you require a different size, don't worry. We can customise your barre to suit!

diy ballet bar

Customise Your Barre Dimensions

This project has been created using aluminium tube and fittings. For a cheaper option, the exact same design can be created in a galvanised version (though this will result in the bar being a bit heavier and harder to manoeuvre).

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Freestanding Ballet Barre

  • Choose a size to suit you
  • Perfect for home use
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Ideal also for stretching/yoga
  • Easy to move if required
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