Pitch Safety Barriers For Sports Grounds

Kee Klamp rail fittings are undoubtedly the best and simplest method for constructing handrail for football pitches and other sporting venues, keeping spectators separated from the action on the pitch.

Only a handful of fittings are required to construct the system, making its construction quick, easy and uncomplicated. The Type 25 Three Socket Tee is the main component, either allowing the rail to run through it where necessary, or joining two tube endings within the fitting.

Does Your Club need a Pitch Safety Barrier?

It is important to provide handrail barriers around playing pitches to ensure that all spectators are kept back from the action on the field, ensuring their safety. Many sports organisations including leagues in rugby, football and GAA, have made it mandatory to have all playing pitches cordoned off for public safety.

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Advantages Of A Kee Klamp Handrail System

There are a number of reasons why Kee Klamp handrail systems are considered the benchmark in Ireland and the UK:

  • Toughness and durability
  • Easily assembled
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • No welding required, eliminating the need for hot work permits
  • Cost effectiveness due to ease of installation
  • No special tools are required
  • TUV certified for strength and quality

Pitch Safety Rail Fittings

  • Massive savings for your club
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Strong and durable connection
  • Tightened with a simple allen key
  • We cut your tubing for you
  • Delivery all over Ireland
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How Does A Kee Klamp Safety Barrier Work?

A small grub screw is tightened within the fitting which instantly locks the tube in place. The grub screw contains a hexagonal head which allows it to be tightened with a simple allen key. It really is as simple as that. There is no specialised labour or tools required to erect the system. Each Kee Klamp component is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

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How To Fix Railing Posts

The rail uprights can either be bedded in concrete or fixed using the Type 62 Standard Railing Flange. This contains a 14mm hole on either side, allowing for bolts to be inserted to secure the fitting in place.

We would recommend bedding the posts in at least 300mm of concrete to ensure sufficient strength within the system. The overall height of the system should be approximately 1000mm-1100mm from the ground. So if bedded in concrete, we would usually cut your posts between 1300mm and 1400mm.

Tube Size For Safety Rails

Although Kee Klamp fittings come in a range of sizes to fit tube from 21.3mm to 60.3mm, it is recommended to use size 7(42.4mm) or size 8(48.3mm) tubing for your railing. This is to ensure that the system can support the collective weight of the potential crowd which may lean against it.

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