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Kee Klamp fittings have long been established as the benchmark for tube clamps in Ireland. Established approximately 90 years ago, Kee Klamp galvanised fittings were originally designed for use as barriers in milking parlours. Combining pipe and fittings made for a simple but effective solution. Just slide the pipe into the clamp and lock up the clamps grub screw using an allen key. The benefits of this were very clear to see.

  • No specialised labour or skills were required.
  • Pipe and fittings provide a secure long-lasting connection.
  • The work can be carried out very quickly, by anyone.
  • There are no specialised tools required, just a simple allen key (in most cases, Simplified Building can cut most of the pipe to size).
  • The full Kee Klamp range contains almost 90 fittings, meaning that galvanised pipe can be joined in almost any direction.

The list of benefits outlined above ensured that Kee Klamp fittings weren’t simply used for safety barrier and handrail purposes alone. With the range being available to suit different sizes of galvanised pipe from 21.3mm to 60.3mm, pretty soon tube clamps were being used for a number of different projects.

1. Custom Steel Shelving

Our customers usually use size 6/33.7mm pipe and fittings to create custom shelving units. This size works well as it provides plenty of strength while also looking quite neat and compact. Size 5/26.9mm pipe is also a good option which works well in most cases.

pipe and fittings-custom steel shelving unit

DIY Steel Shelving Units

  • Custom shelving ideas
  • Tough, durable steel frame
  • Retail and domestic designs
  • Sleek, eye-catching appearance
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2. Heavy Duty Clothing Rails

After handrails, heavy duty clothing racks are the next most popular project for pipe and fittings. The pipe fittings provide a strong joint which will not buckle under a large weight. This is their main selling point, as I had countless calls from customers who were fed up with cheaper options which would break regularly and need to be replaced.

An industrial clothing rail will not only eliminate this problem, but will also provide an eye-catching display. For this reason, our Kee Klamp clothing racks are extremely popular for retail applications.

durable clothing rack

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  • Wall-mounted & Freestanding kits
  • Super strong and durable
  • Retail and domestic designs
  • Quick & easy to install
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3. Steel Desks And Tables

Durable desk and table frames are generally created from size 7/42.4mm pipe to ensure extra strength and toughness, although 33.7mm tube would still provide a heavy-duty option. I think the most popular decision for building a table frame with pipe and fittings is the creative side which doing so brings out in people.

When a table is complete, with a suitable table top added, the end result is that clean industrial look which is becoming so popular within new homes. Although all our featured table kits are built using galvanised pipe and fittings, we can create the exact same design in an aluminium version. This will ensure that the table is a lot lighter and can be moved around the room if required.

pipe and fittings-industrial steel tables

Buy Pre-Designed Table Kits

  • Clean industrial appearance
  • Super strong and durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Quick & easy to assemble
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4. Long-Lasting Football Goals

When I first spotted that a football frame had been built with pipe and fittings, I instantly knew that we would have to create a similar version and place it on our site. The reason for this, being a huge football fan when I was a kid, I had witnessed many frames breaking down after being struck repeatedly with a heavy ball. This repeated disappointment ended when my father bought some galvanised pipe and welded it together to create a frame which is still there now. I realise though that not everyone’s father was a mechanic who could weld.

A galvanised steel football goal built with tube clamps would afford people the same opportunity to have a large goal frame which would not bend or break over time. With this in mind, we created 4 frame sizes to cater for different playing scenarios. We are also happy to create custom options, with different frame sizes, tube sizes and also GAA versions available.

long-lasting football goals

Durable Goal Posts Ireland

  • Industrial Galvanised Steel
  • Strong and Durable
  • Simple Assembly
  • Soccer and GAA Frames
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5. Freestanding Pull-Up Bars

With more and more people starting to give greater consideration to fitness and well-being, it was no surprise to see a positive response to our free-standing pull-up bar. Like all other projects created with pipe and fittings, we can modify the height and width of the bar to suit different ages and abilities. The bar is best created with 33.7mm pipe as this not only provides a strong frame but also allows a hand to wrap around the pipe securely, providing a comfortable grip.

free-standing pull-up bar

Free-standing pull-up bar

  • Free-standing design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Can be dismantled for transporting
  • Custom heights available
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Projects built using pipe and fittings are rapidly becoming more popular as the variety of the fittings make building almost anything possible. The end result will be a strong long-lasting structure which can be added to or customised if required. The list of ideas doesn't stop with those listed above. We have helped customers with various small and large ideas, including beds, fruit cages, display units, signage, sheds, climbing frames and lean-to roofs.

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