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Kernow Signs provide various types of custom signage for both private and commercial use. Based in Co Mayo, they provide customised signage for shop fronts, vehicles, pavement signs, auctioneer boards and much more.

Myles of Kernow Signs uses our steel Tab and Slot fittings to connect the signage to the tube uprights, as they are easily connected and provide a strong joint. All of our fittings are galvanised to EN 1461, ensuring that they have a tough finish which will last the test of time.

customised signage

Advantages To The Installer

  • The fittings can be slid up or down the uprights to the desired position, making them versatile and simplifying the installation process. They are then locked in position using just an allen key.
  • We also cut any tubing required to suit Myles specific lengths, as this will save time on-site.
  • We only supply industrial strength steel tube to ensure all projects are tough and durable.

Ensuring Sufficient Strength

The sign poles are usually left a few hundred millimetres longer to bed into concrete, giving the sign a stronger base and increasing wind resistance. This can be important as solid signs will not let the wind pass through them and so must withstand significant pressure on windy days. The distance of the sign into the ground should be relative to the overall height that the sign is required to be.

custom steel signage

We also recommend using our 48mm or 60mm steel tube to hold the signs, providing sufficient strength. The wall thickness of our tubing is just under 3mm, which is strong enough withstand such pressure.


For this project, the tube and fittings were coated to enhance their appearance, covering the rugged steel look. A dark grey was used in this case, meaning the frame itself didn't stand out. This drew attention to the sign with its colours standing out, with clear writing which was easy to read.

In other cases, it might be more suitable to coat the uprights and connectors in a brighter colour to stand out and draw attention to the sign. This can be done for freestanding and fixed signage on the likes of shop fronts, making it eye-catching to potential customers.

Kee Klamp Tube Fittings

  • 90+ fittings available
  • Strong and durable connection
  • Tightened with a simple allen key
  • To suit various tube sizes
  • Aluminium option(Kee Lite) available
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