Outdoor Marquee Stall For Festivals

Liam of the Gourmet Kitchen required a display stall for his outdoor catering company to sell his delicious food to the public. The frame would need to be robust enough to withstand the pressure of the wind.
It would also need to be versatile and easily assembled on site to ensure that it didn’t take up too much time. We recommended using our 42mm tube to ensure that the frame had sufficient strength and durability.

The structure should be strong enough to hold the wooden signage on top as well as on the bottom and withstand some wind.

Liam, Gourmet Kitchen

Transportation And Design

As the display stall needed to be transported to different venues in different parts of the country, keeping the tube lengths within an agreed maximum length was one of the main considerations in the design of the unit. Being component based and constructed entirely with Kee Klamp fittings meant that this was possible.

steel display unit

Securing The Display Frame

Our Three Socket Tee allowed us to join the vertical poles for the signage and also run another horizontal bar across the front. This ensured that we could reach a height of 3.8m and also not have any lengths over 2m. The frame could then be quickly dismantled and placed securely within the back of the van, ready for the next festival.

Because this display frame would be particularly tall compared to others, and taking into account the possibility of strong winds, particular care would need to be taken to ensure that it was either pegged or weighed down properly at the back of the stand. This can be done with steel weights or sandbags.

display stall


Display units and stalls such as this can all be easily customised to suit each company. We often come up with different designs which are tailored to suit different heights, along with entirely different designs.
Supplying custom display frames always make for an interesting project, as each of our customers are trying to emphasise a different part of their business and have different goals in mind when building their stand.

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