The Race Around Ireland - Finishing Line

Race around ireland custom finish line

The Race around Ireland cycling event for 2016 features a finish line constructed entirely of Kee Klamp fittings. The structure used 9 lengths of tubing in total, including two full 6 metre lengths as the uprights. These would ensure that the signage would be visible from a long distance away.

Custom Finish Line

14 fittings in total were used to hold it in place, and the structure can easily be taken apart by loosening the grub screws in the clamps. Diagonal struts were used to keep the uprights in their vertical position, the bottom of which contains an angled railing flange which can be fixed into the ground for stability if necessary.

Relief At The Finish

The finish line was probably not one of the more complicated Kee Klamp projects which we have come across, but it is certainly one which the participating cyclists were no doubt delighted to see.

race around ireland

The Race around Ireland is a gruelling 2,150 kilometer cycling race which takes part each year. It takes in every available mountain along its route which amounts to the equivalent of 4 Mount Everests. It started this year on the 28th of August and can take up to almost a week for some of the lone riders to complete. In 2016, 40 teams were entered in total, including 1-man, 2-man, 4-man and 8-man teams.

It is listed as one of the Worlds toughest endurance events.

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