Customised Desk With Adjustable Height

The below table was sent in by Chris, who wanted a standing desk design based on our Adjustable Height Table Frame Kit. The table top which Chris wanted to use was of the curved office design, where the table would extend back towards the user.

adjustable standing desk

Adding a Table Leg

Because of the curve in the table top, an extra leg would be required for added strength and also to complete the look of the desk. The table leg could be easily connected back to the main frame using 2x Tee Fittings.
Having discussed the project with Chris, we would also include a collar fitting on the inner tube of the extra leg, which would allow for the desk to be adjustable and then held in position at the required height.

custom steel standing desk

Telescopic Legs

Our adjustable height desks work by placing a 33.7mm tube inside the 42.4mm legs, creating a telescopic effect. The height can then be adjusted effortlessly, with an allen key tightening the fittings at the required height and holding the tube in place.
The desk or table top is held to the steel frame using Flange fittings. These each contain 4 screw holes which ensure a strong connection.

Customising Your Desk

Despite having many table frame kits available, we understand that many people want to fully customise their own design. This can help them to fit a table into a tight corner, adjust the dimensions or create a 90° table unit. We use Kee Klamp steel fittings on all our projects, which allow for great versatility and inspire people to get creative.

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