Heavy Duty Steel Shelving For The Home

industrial steel shelving home

Rachel was looking to install some industrial strength steel shelving in her home.

She had a large space available on the wall above and around her sofa which she was keen to make use of. With her family being avid readers, they had a large volume of books in the house which could be neatly stored away once the shelving unit was installed.

available space for shelving

Our steel fittings would provide a great solution for connecting the shelves, for a few reasons:

  • Everything could be easily installed. We could cut all the tube prior to delivery, ensuring that there was no on-site cutting. The fittings quickly and easily locked the tube uprights in place. Using just an allen key. As with all projects, we are always on hand to help out further and provide extra advice. Rachel required a few extra cuts of tube to complete her project, which we gladly cut for her to enable her to finish.
  • Because the shelf could be self-installed using basic DIY skills, it would ensure that the project was cost-effective. There would be no need to get in tradesmen with specialised skills. The shelf was easily installed within a couple of hours. There was also no need for complicated tools. A drill, a level and an allen key was all that was required.
  • We only use industrial strength tube for both our domestic and retail projects. This is one of the main advantages to what we do. The shelves in this project would be required to take the weight of a large volume of books in one go, meaning they had to be particularly robust. The combination of tube and fittings would have no problem withstanding such weight.
  • Constructing shelving with Kee Klamp fittings ensures a rugged industrial look and makes it really stand out. This makes it very popular in retail and shop fitting, as it can help to catch the eye and draw attention to the clothes. In this particular project, the industrial look blended in perfectly with the red brick background on the walls and provided a striking appearance.
steel shelving unit
industrial shelf for the home

Rachel was certainly very happy with how her room turned out. All of the family's books could be neatly stored in place, while still being visible at all times. The unit even extended back at 90° in the corner to fill up the space in an alcove, taking advantage of all possible storage areas.

End result! Really Pleased. Thank you for your significant help!


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