Guardrail Safety Gates - Safe Access In 2020

ladder access safety gate

Having a guardrail system with an access gate around mezzanine or roof edges is recognised as a highly important factor in providing safety at height.

According to figures provided by the Health and Safety Authority, there were 37 fatalities as a result of accidents in the workplace in 2018. Many accidents are as a result of human error, or a brief loss in concentration. It is our belief that all are avoidable.
It is usually just a case of having the right measures in place and not cutting any corners when it comes to safety. The self closing industrial safety gate closes automatically behind the user, guaranteeing a complete handrail system at all times.

Safe Ladder Access

roof hatch safety gate

A vast majority of raised working areas are accessed via a ladder at the buildings edge. Without a ladder safety gate, there would be a continuous gap within the system, which could allow workers to fall a considerable distance. It is also recommended to install a safety gate within guardrail around roof hatches which are used to access the surface.

Simple Installation

The gate can be easily attached to an existing guardrail system. It contains two U-brackets which fit around the rails posts and is quickly fixed into position. It covers a void of 1100mm, but can be cut down to suit smaller openings.

Gate For Handrail And Safety Barriers

guardrail safety gate for safe access

Guardrail and safety barriers are often erected as the main defense to potential health hazards such as sudden drops, dangerous machinery, plant equipment and hazardous materials. Unfortunately with guardrails, a break in the system is required for access to the required working area. This break is often replaced by a chain, a bar or in some cases, nothing at all.

Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gate

  • Self closing industrial gate
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Galvanised or safety yellow
  • For use in a handrail/guardrail system

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Risks Caused By Human Error

Although better than leaving an opening in the system exposed, bars and chains require the previous user to have replaced them when they pass through. This can lead to human error and subsequently a dangerous void within the system as they often fail to be replaced.

Self-Closing Safety Gates

Simplified Buildings industrial safety gates are self-closing. This ensures that there is constant protection, ensuring peace of mind for the employer. This is in contrast to the many handrail and guardrail systems which use a chain, locking bar or in some cases nothing at all. The spring ensures that there is never a void in the system due to human error.

Spring Loaded

guardrail safety gate

The self-closing safety gate contains a spring loaded mechanism in the hinge to pull the gate closed automatically behind the worker. The result is permanent protection by eliminating the hazard.

Fully Tested

The gate has been fully tested to ensure that it succeeds every time. This has included putting it through a cycle of 50,000 openings, where the gate did not fail once. Alternative testing included salt spraying the gate to ASTM B117-11 for over 200 hours. This was to ensure the coatings resistance to corrosion.

Compliant To Safety Standards

  • Compliant to EN 14122
  • Independently tested to EN13374 Class A
  • CE Accredited also to meet the requirements of EN 1090.


self closing safety gate

The single gates are available for openings of up to 1 meter. However the nature of the gate means that it can easily be cut to suit on site.
For openings of over 1 meter, a double gate option is available up to 1.8 meters. This option is also compliant to EN 14122.


The industrial safety gate is very easily retrofitted to various existing guardrail sections and posts. The gate is often used for:

  • Ladder Access
  • Entrance to Walkways
  • Access to Machinery
  • Access to roof hatches

gate for handrail system

It only takes a short time to install the safety gates, but the benefits of it will last a long time. Protect you and your employees today, by eliminating the void in your safety system.

If you require handrails or safety barriers to provide protection in your workplace, our Kee Klamp Fittings have got you covered.

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