Top 10 Custom Shelving Ideas

Customised shelving units are becoming more and more prominent, both in the workplace and in the home.

Finding ways of storing away items which are in use every day is a challenge which many of us face. The versatility of Kee Klamp tube fittings is that they will allow for shelving to take place in pretty much any location, using various designs. DIY shelving using tube clamps enables us to create our own custom shelving to match our surroundings.

1. Store Shelving Unit

steel shelving unit

Our first project was created for a display in a busy store. It utilises the 70- Rail Support fitting to hold the shelves in place. These shelves are made from sections of chipboard which, when accompanied with the tube and fittings, provide a cost-effective solution.

2. Esquire in Japan

steel tube shelf

Esquire in Japan came up with this simple but effective design to kit out their entire office with free-standing shelving. The 15- Elbow, 25- Three Socket Tee and the 61- Flange were the only fittings required for this practical solution.

3. Swoonworthy Corner Shelving

tall shelf unit

This shelving project was created by Swoonworthy, and despite fitting in conveniently in a corner, its unique appearance ensures that it definitely won't go unnoticed. The lighter colour of the timber helped to add to a chilled out vibe created by the structure.

4. Floating Shelving Unit

floating shelf unit

Now for one of my favourite types of shelves, and the first of two 'floating' designs which I will share. Created by Steve and Kelly, a couple who were looking to design their kitchen with a unique look, one which they could "design and build themselves". The tube fittings ensured that they could build a unique shelf which would have the floating effect, although fixed securely to the wall and ceiling using 61- Flanges.

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5. Tall Custom Shelf

tall custom shelf

This tall shelving unit has four shelves incorporated into it, with the timber shelves being recessed at the corners to allow them to fit snugly between the tube uprights.

6. U-Shaped Custom Shelving

novel shelf ideas

A U-shaped custom shelving unit which provides ample space for storing various items. Although located in a store, this unit would also be a great addition to a busy home and would certainly ensure that things can be put away, creating a tidy home. A similar design could be incorporated into a 90° corner, keeping it out of the way and creating more space for everyday life.

7. Kee Klamp Steel Shelving

kee klamp shelf

The project above forms a centre piece in another retail outlet where, because of its location, the shelves can be accessed from both sides. Going the full height of the room, the shelves are attached securely to the floor and the ceiling on each side, although they could also be fixed securely into the wall on the left of the picture.

8. Corner Floating Shelf

quirky floating shelf idea

My second featured "floating" shelf is perhaps my favourite of the bunch. So simple to build, but yet so eye-catching and elegant. Block-style timber shelves are used to complete the look.

9. Custom Book Shelf

wall mounted bookshelf

Although I have commented on this project previously elsewhere, I have only just realised that it is S-shaped. Starting at the bottom of the shelves, the tube traces its way around and back throughout each shelf, creating the shape of an S. Genius....

10. Custom Steel Shelf

custom steel shelf

My last project is this classy shelving unit with an incorporated desk, created by interior stylist Jenny Meerman. Jenny designed the unit for her sons bedroom, incorporating a neat work station where required items can be located within arms length. The fittings allow for the shelf to be flexible in that the individual shelves can be moved up or down at any time.

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We have witnessed many clever shelving projects over the years and love to use these projects to demonstrate what can be achieved.
Our shelving gallery page should give many ideas, from the positioning of the tubing, to the type of timber used, to how the timber shelf is attached.

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