What Tube Size Should I Use For My Kee Klamp Project

One of the questions I am asked the most is what size of tube I would recommend for a project.

Depending on the nature of the project and its design, differing strengths of tube will be required. Kee Klamp fittings come in a range of sizes to suit aluminium and steel tube from 21.3mm to 60.3mm in diameter. Projects such as Barriers For Livestock and Heavy Duty Signage will typically require a larger tube size to ensure they can withstand the possible force which may be applied against them.

Whereas a small shelving unit or poly-tunnel would require a much smaller tube size, possibly even tube lengths which will bend or flex. Our typical project sizes can be found below, though these can vary due to the exact nature of the project.

galvanised steel tube

Typical Tube Sizes

  • Size 9/60.3mm: Fixed Signage, Livestock Enclosures(pens,crushes)
  • Size 8/48.4mm: Safety Barriers, Heavy Duty Structures
  • Size 7/42.4mm: Handrails, Furniture, Football Goals
  • Size 6/33.7mm: Clothing Rails, Shelving, Lean-Tos, Football Goals, Gates, Furniture
  • Size 5/26.9mm: Shelving, Freestanding Signage, Poly-Tunnels/Frames, Gates
  • Size 4/21.3mm: Poly-Tunnels, Light Shelving

Handrail Tube Size

There are also mitigating factors which can also influence this decision. Handrail designs are usually determined by the amount of people who may lean against the rail at any one time. This will also dictate the distance the handrails posts should be spaced at.

The diameter of the rails can also make a difference to the people who will be most dependent on it. We recommend using our 42.4mm tube for all disabled access handrails as it provides a good grip for the user. But a safety barrier at a mezzanine edge could be built using 48.3mm tube to provide extra strength.

Clothing Rail Size

We always advertise our clothing rails as being heavy duty and able to withstand large volumes of heavy clothes. To ensure our rails are strong enough to span up to 2.5 metres, we recommend using our Size 6/33.7mm tube. This will guarantee the strength in the rails, but also ensures the tube isn’t too thick so as to stop a standard hanger from fitting onto it.

Tube Size Variations

Each of the above projects/tube sizes can vary depending on the nature of the project and the strength required. For example, heavy duty signage which is concreted into the ground and needs to withstand heavy winds could use tube of 60.3mm in diameter. Lighter signage being fixed onto the wall could b much smaller, and could be supported by more fixing points such as Rail Supports.

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