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Kee Klamp (or Key Clamp) and Kee Lite tube clamps can be used to build tube handrail or just about any rigid tube structure. The purpose of Kee Access handrail fittings is to construct 'National Disability Authority' compliant handrails, meaning they are smooth and continuous, with no breaks or terminations.
All allen key fittings quickly connect the tube and provide a long-lasting connection.

Available Kits

How Our Fittings Work

Each fitting contains at least 1 grub screw.
The fittings grub screw closes in as it is tightened and bites against the tube, forming an extremely solid connection.

how kee klamp fittings work

Kee Klamp, Key Clamp fittings

The Kee Klamp concept

The simple but effective nature of each fittings range is the foundation of a versatile tubular connection system.

There are many variations of fitting available to suit a wide range of applications.

This provides the versatility required to achieve virtually any structural configuration.

Pros of handrail fittings over welded railing


Longer lasting

Structures built with tube and Kee Klamp fittings typically last up to seven times longer than a welded solution.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to install

When installing Kee Klamps, a simple allen key is the only tool required to create a strong, rigid joint.

Best Practices

Easier to maintain

If a section of tube gets damaged, this area can be easily removed and replaced, meaning no welding or expensive repairs are needed.

Steel Fittings v Fabrication

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Our experts will help you select the items you need to complete the project.

Kee Lite and Kee Klamp fittings for connecting galvanised steel and aluminium tubing. Browse tube clamps online. Fittings are used to create Kee Klamp handrails, disability handrail along with a wide range of furniture, clothing racks and shelving.
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