Part M Handrail

Kee Access disabled access handrail fittings are a comprehensive range of fittings which allow you to create any configuration of fully compliant
NDA(National Disability Authority) handrail that will adhere to the specifications as outlined in Part M of the Building Regulations. Kee Access
fittings are different to Kee Klamp in that they provide a smooth and continuous handrail with no terminations or breaks. This ensures that a
hand can pass along its entirety in absolutely comfort, providing maximum peace of mind for the user.

The following diagram shows how to construct a Part M handrail using the fittings below:

constructing an nda handrail
upright on flat ground

A) Standard Upright: The 62-8 base flange is for mounting to level surfaces. The 518-7 connects to 10-848 and 10-840C fitting.

upright on ramp

B) Ramp upright: The 67-8 base flange is for mounting to angled surfaces. The angle is fixed by tightening the set screws. The railings are attached in the same manner as the Standard Upright. The bottom rails are connected with 89-8 on mids and 86-8 on ends.

wall mounted handrail bracket

C) Wall mount: The 570-7 is connected to the wall or wood posts using 1/4" screws or bolts. The 570-7 is attached to the railing with No. 12 self-drilling screws or pop rivets.

d returns

D) D Returns: D returns are constructed with 520-7s and 514-7. The 520-7s are connected vertically with a small piece of tube. This assembly is then joined to the top and midrail with 514-7s.

adjustable angles

E) Adjustable angles: In order to accomplish angles with a smooth surface, use the 554-7 and 514-7s. These are frequently used at the top and bottom of ramps and stairs.

wall ends

F) Wall returns: The 565-7 wall return flange is connected to the wall and then connected to the tube with a 514-7.

Handrail And Post Sizes

Constructing a disabled access handrail can be tricky at first, without a basic understanding of how the fittings work. The first thing to understand is
that the handrail itself is constructed using size 7(42.4mm) tube, keeping it consistent with the recommended handrail width. The tube uprights are
all created with size 8(48.3mm) tube
, providing a solid base and helping the handrail section to deal with the possible loading which might be applied.

The difference with Kee Access fittings and Kee Klamp fittings is that they allow the tube for the handrail to be kept flush with the outer edge of the
fitting, ensuring that the handrail is smooth from beginning to end.

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