570 - Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket

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Model: 570

Product Description

A wall mounted version of the 518-7. The handrail tube sits on the 'saddle' and is secured using either No. 10 self drilling screws or multi-grip pop rivets. This handrail bracket provides holes for countersunk head fixing screws only. Three fixing holes are drilled and countersunk to suit 6mm diameter csk screws.

All the fittings in the Kee Access range are designed to construct handrails which are compliant with the recommendations made by the National Disability Authority, whose aim is to make handrails suitable for people with disabilities. The ideal construction of the handrail is outlined in Part M of the Building Regulations. It involves the handrail being smooth and continuous, with no terminations or breaks. The Kee Access range enables this to happen because the fittings are designed to align snugly with the outer edge of the tube, keeping the rail consistent.

All of our NDA fittings are to be used with Size 7(42.4mm) tube for the handrail itself, while fitting onto Size 8(48.3mm) uprights.

All Kee Klamp fittings are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461.

Tube Size Chart

*Please note that the N.B (internal diameter) of the tube can vary slightly.

Kee Klamp Tube Size Chart
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