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Kee Klamp Spectator Safety Rails

Kee Klamp safety rails can be spotted at various sports grounds throughout Ireland. They provide an ideal solution for keeping spectators back a safe distance from the action on the field. Kee Klamp railings are tightened with just an allen key and so can be easily installed by anybody within the club, ensuring big savings in time and money.

Kee Klamp fittings are supplied hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461.


Simple To Install

Kee Klamp safety barriers are extremely easy to install. We will cut all your posts to size, while the rail ends can be joined within the Tee fitting. This will keep on-site cutting to an absolute minimum.



Kee Klamp fittings are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, ensuring that they are tough, durable and made to last. Any damaged sections can also be easily replaced.

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Installing A Pitchside Barrier

Installing a pitchside barrier keeps spectators at a safe distance from the edge of the playing field. Our barriers can be seen at sports grounds throughout the country, including gaelic football, soccer, rugby and athletic tracks. They not only form a secure perimeter around the field, but are often used to segregate walking tracks and spectator/parking areas. This provides a safe system throughout the grounds and keeps all patrons away from harm.

Here are a few more points about our safety rails:

  • All rails are constructed with either 42.4mm O/D or 48.3mm O/D steel tube
  • All components are galvanised steel to BS EN 1461.
  • Posts/uprights are usually spaced at approximately 2000mm centres
  • We usually keep all posts at 1000mm high
  • We cut all posts to size, limiting/eliminating on-site cutting

How To Fix The Posts

Posts are usually bedded into concrete around the pitch. In this case, it is recommended to leave an extra 200-300mm on the length of the posts to keep the overall height at 1000mm. If there is existing concrete to fix to, the posts can be bolted to concrete using the 62 Railing Base Flange, which provides a solid fixing. Each Base Flange contains 2x 14mm bolt holes for mechanical or chemical fixings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart should you space the posts?

Posts are usually spaced at 2000mm centres. This will also allow for minimal cutting on-site as the tube is supplied in 6000mm lengths and their ends can be joined within a 25 Three Socket Tee.

Should short Tees or long Tees be used?

As each tube rail length is 6000mm, the 25 Three Socket Tee can be used at each tube end to seamlessly join each length. The 10 Single Socket Tee can be used in between on the intermediate posts and thus will provide better value. Spacing the posts at 2000mm means that you would have 2x 10 Tees between every 25 Three Socket Tee.

How are the posts fixed to the ground?

The posts or uprights are usually bedded in concrete to ensure a strong base. If in the unlikely event that the rails can be fixed to an existing concrete base, then our 62 Railing Flange can be used.

Are the fittings weather proofed?

Yes, all Kee Klamp components are hot dip galvanised to EN 1461 to ensure increased durability. The fittings grub screws are case hardened steel and are protected against corrosion by a Thredkoat coating.

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