Collective fall protection

Safe Distance

Keep spectators back a safe distance from the playing surface.

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Our team are available to help you with your pitch barrier, ensuring you have all you need to complete your project.


Industrial Components

Our components are hot dip galvanised to EN1461 and are designed to withstand harsh conditions.


Simple Assembly

Our rails can be easily and quickly installed, saving the club time and money.

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We got it all installed even quicker than planned, everything was very simple. Thanks again.

Johnny C.

Super job, thanks for your all your help with this! (We) will be in touch again soon.

RIT Construction

Everything went according to plan. Had no problems, the fittings made everything easy.

Andrew S.

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Steel Pitch Fencing

Provide a strong and secure pitch safety rail while also saving time and money by installing Kee Klamp spectator rails.

Easy Install Sports Ground Safety Rails

Kee Klamp fittings are a perfect solution when it comes to installing pitch safety rails effortlessly at a low cost. Our fittings ensure an instant secure connection and are the perfect choice for steel pitch fencing.

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All we need is a rough idea of the total metres required. After that, we can issue you with a quote today. We are also happy to tallk you through your project and come up with the best solution, one which suits your budget. We will recommend what components you need and which is the best, most cost-effective method of installation.

We are always available to talk you through your project, at each stage of your club fencing project. Often, pitch railing installations are subject to receiving Sports Capital Grants, so we are more than happy to provide you with an initial quote, then revisit your project as soon as funding has been made available.

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Easily Installed Spectator Fencing

Pitch Safety Requirements

While there are no regulations directly applicable to pitch rails, we can still assume many of the same rules apply when installing your railing:

-Going by Part M of the Building Regs, a landing(flat area) should have a handrail height of between 900mm and 1100mm. We would usually send posts at 1500mm to leave enough for bedding into concrete.
-The rail should terminate appropriately and not have any rail ends exposed. Finishing the rail on a post is the best way to finish the rail and avoid clothing getting snagged.
-Part K states that there shouldn't be a gap between bars on a safety rail. However this relates to stairs where there may be a drop. For spectator rails, infill panels are not a necessity as the rail is more of a demarcation/segregation barrier.

spectator rail

Why Is Pitch Fencing Required?

Installing pitch fencing keeps spectators at a safe distance from the edge of the playing field. Our barriers can be seen at sports grounds throughout the country, including GAA grounds, soccer, rugby and athletic tracks.

Our rails not only provide a demarcation zone around the playing surface, but are often used to segregate walking tracks and spectator/parking areas. This provides a safety barrier system throughout the entire grounds.

How Kee Klamp Barriers Work

Kee Klamp fittings are used to quickly and easily connect steel tube rails without the need for welding. The fittings each have grub screws which are tightened with an allen key or hexagonal headed drill bit. This erases the need for specialised labour to install the rails and allows for someone from within the club to install at a much discounted rate.

All steel tube clamps are galvanised to EN 1461.

steel pitch fencing
kee klamp pitch fencing

How The Rail Posts Are Fixed

The posts will either need to be fixed to existing concrete, or bedded into concrete if there is no concrete track in place. In this case, someone from a construction background will more likely be needed to mix and pour the concrete correctly.

When bedding the fencing posts into concrete, allow for approximately 300mm(1 foot) of concrete to allow adequate strength. Allow for post spacings of 2000mm.

Let Us Help You With Your Handrail

Sometimes all it can take is a simple call.

We are more than happy to talk you through your options and help you to come up with the best, most affordable handrail solution for your project. Whether it's a standard Kee Klamp rail or a Part M compliant access rail, we are always on standby for you.

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Galvanised Steel

Components hot dip galvanised to EN 1461



Industrial strength steel tubing and fittings

Easy to Assemble

Easy Install

Easily installed with basic DIY skills

Cost Effective

Saves Money

No need for specialised labour or tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Kee Klamp rails stand up to the elements?

Kee Klamp pitch safety rails use heavy duty galvanised steel tubing. The fittings are also galvanised to EN 1461 and are designed to withstand the harsh weather which Ireland presents.

What height should the posts be?

The posts should leave the rail between 900mm and 1100mm from ground level. If posts are being bedded into concrete, allow an extra 300mm-400mm on the posts.

What should the posts be spaced at?

Most people space the posts at 2000mm apart. This means that a 6000mm tube length end can be joined with a 25-8 Three Socket Tee, cutting down on the amount of cutting required.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver to sports grounds all over the country.

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