wall mounted handrails

Wall Mounted Steel Rails

Our handrails can be be fixed to block or concrete walls, timber posts or studding. Simply select the required lengths of tube and include a fixing bracket every 2 metres approximately. There are a few different design types, depending on how you want the handrail to look.

Handrail Fitting Combinations

  • 70-7 Rail Support + 84-7 Malleable Plug
  • 570-7 Handrail Bracket + 84-7 Malleable Plug
  • 565-7 End Return + 18-7 Internal Coupling + 570-7 Handrail Bracket(every 2 metres)


Simple To Install

Each of our wall mounted brackets can be easily fixed onto the wall using countersunk screws. We also cut your tubing to the required length.



We use industrial strength tube for our fixed handrails, along with components which are galvanised to BS EN 1461 for strength and durability.

Expert Advice

Help And Advice

We are happy to guide you through your installation and advise on what fittings you require. Call 086 1408442
Email info@simplifiedbuilding.ie

Provide The Right Support

Our wall mounted handrails provide support in many situations, including in the home, workplace and public buildings. Install a handrail along stairs, hallways, porches, onto the wall alongside ramps and anywhere where someone may require extra stability and reassurance.

There are two types of handrail which can be constructed from the fittings above. One provides a smooth and continuous surface, while the other contains a break wherever the tube rail is held by the fitting:

  • Using the 70-7 Rail Support: This is the simplest and cheapest method of constructing a fixed handrail. The tube slides straight through the fitting and can be closed off at either end with a 84-7 Malleable Plug. The thickness of the fitting means that a hand will feel the joint as it passes along, which isn't ideal for someone who isn't as steady on their feet and is more reliant on the rail.
  • Using the 570 Handrail Bracket: Using the 570 Handrail Bracket to hold the rail ensures that a hand can pass comfortably along from beginning to end, with no breaks.This is because the tube runs on top of the fittings saddle piece and is held in place by self-tapping screws or pop rivets. This rail type can either be terminated by inserting the 84-7 Malleable Plugs at either end, or can be returned to the wall using the 565 End Return along with a 514-7 Internal Coupling. Terminating the rail in this way means that a person will be alerted that their hand has reached the end. This can be useful for people with visual impairments, or for when the handrail is being used in the dark or a badly lit area.

Changing The Rail Direction

To turn the handrail around a corner, use:

  • A 15-7 90° Elbow or a 520 Solid Elbow along with 2x 514-7 Internal Couplings for a smooth continuous surface.

To change the pitch of the rail to go from a slope to a flat or vice versa, use:

  • A BC53-77 Swivel Elbow or a 554 Variable Angle along with 2x 514-7 Internal Couplings for a continuous handrail with no interruptions.

wall mounted steel handrail


  • Fast, simple installation
  • No welding or specialised labour required
  • No specialised tools required
  • Save time and money
  • Long lasting industrial strength
  • Ensures a solid handhold
  • Provides safe access and peace of mind

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