Adapts to Your Roof

KeeGuard's modular design allows the railng to work around obstacles and elevation changes. With multiple base options available, KeeGuard railing is the ideal solution for almost all rooftops.


Non-Penetrating System

KeeGuard's counter-weight, non-penetrating design provides ultimate strength and permanent protection, while also preventing leaks, pooling water, and other potential damage.


Durable Components

KeeGuard rooftop guardrail is galvanized inside and out — corrosion resistant even in harsh environments.


Simple Installation

No special training or permits to worry about. No threading, no welding, no drilling. Only an allen wrench is required.

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Advantages of KeeGuard®
Safety Railing System

KeeGuard Railing Exceeds OSHA Minimum Requirements

Exceed OSHA and Local Compliance

KeeGuard is one of the only 3rd-party tested fall protection guardrail systems available. The strict requirements of OSHA, Canada, New York City and even California are inside the design capabilities of this roof railing system.

  • Designed to Exceed Global Standards
  • Third Party Tested to Ensure Compliance and Safety
  • Ability to Provide Site Specific Wind Load Calculations

Components that Last Decades

KeeGuard guardrail system provides permanent, free-standing fall protection that will last decades. The hot-dipped galvanized finish is corrosion resistant and low maintenance perfect for any type of environment.

  • Preassembled Uprights and railing are made from structural tube, engineered and tested to last 3x longer than standard pipe.
  • Kee Klamp fittings are galvanized steel fittings that require inset screws to tightening, eliminating the need to thread or welding.
  • Counterbalance is made from 100% recycled PVC and uses counter-weight engineering, providing ultimate strength and complete roof edge protection.
KeeGuard Roof Railing in Inclement Weather
KeeGuard Roof Railing modular system

The Versatility of the System

KeeGuard’s modular design and components can be installed around your roof’s ladders, equipment, and other rooftop obstacles, requiring no specialized labor or tools. KeeGuard offers complete fall protection for roof types including: Membrane, Metal Profile and Standing Seam up to 45 degrees, Ballasted, Composite and Green.

  • Compatible with Existing and New Fall Protection Systems
  • Multiple Configurations are Customized to What You Need
  • System Can Grow and Expand with Your Facility

Railing that Matches Your Aesthetics

KeeGuard's galvanized steel finish is corrosion-resistant and can be powder coated to match your building's aesthetics.

  • Standard Galvanized Finish Blends in with the Skyline
  • RAL Powder Coating Available to Customize the Look to Match Your Building
  • Easily Set Back 11 Degrees from the Roof Edge to Limit Ground-level Visibility
KeeGuard Railing Exceeds OSHA Requirements

KeeGuard® is Designed and Tested to
Exceed Industry Standards

KeeGuard is backed by third-party testing.

  • Ontario Building Code Section,,
  • HSG-33 Health & Safety in Roof Work
  • HSE Specialist Report No 15: 1988
  • HSE Sheet 21 “Working on Flat Roofs Protection Against Falls"
  • BS 6399: Part 2 1995 Wind Code

When it Comes to Installation,
You've Got Options

Self install

Self Install

KeeGuard guardrail requires no special labor or tools to install, making it one of the most cost effective permanent solutions. A crew of 2-3 workers can install as much as 600lf in one day. Simplified can assist your team from a distance with drawings, installation instructions, videos, and even video conferencing. Let us help you have a successful self-installation!


Supervised Installation

Want some expert oversight? We are happy to travel to your site, train your installers, supervise the entire installation, and certify that it was performed correctly. Want only one of those services, no problem. Simplified Safety has your back.

Turn-Key Solutions

Turn Key Installation

If you would rather we handle your project from start to finish, we can take it from here. We will deliver the product to your site, lift it to your roof, comply with your internal safety protocols as well as all other regulations, install the system, and leave you with the peace of mind that your company is protected from unnecessary liability.

Hear What Our Customers
Think about KeeGuard Railing

We work with our customers to ensure the Kee Guard installation process is smooth from design to installation.

KeeGuard FAQs

Is KeeGuard OSHA Compliant?

Yes. KeeGuard is engineered to support a force greater than 200 lb in any direction downward or outward. It is designed and tested to exceed local and national safety regulations, including OSHA.

What Roof Surfaces Can I Use KeeGuard On?

KeeGuard has several bases that allow it to be installed on a variety of roof surfaces: membrane, asphalt, concrete, metal, and standing seam rooftops.

Can I Install KeeGuard Railing On a Sloped Roof?

KeeGuard weights, bases, and ability to angle the uprights allow it to be used on any roof up to a 5-degree slope.

What Bases are Available for the KeeGuard System?

KeeGuard upright railing can be equipped with several bases such as: counterbalance, narrow space or contractor, standing seam, and top fix metal roof bases. This allows KeeGuard to work on almost any roof surface and substrate.

Is KeeGuard a Permanent Solution?

Yes. KeeGuard is a permanent fall protection solution for rooftops or unprotected edges. Due to the modularity of the system, it can also be adjusted, moved, or taken down with relative ease.

What are the KeeGuard Base Weights Made Out Of?

KeeGuard base weights are made from 100% recycled PVC. They weigh 30 lbs and are environmentally friendly. The counter Weights can be configured to support the loading requirements in all areas of the system.

What Metal Material Makes up KeeGuard Railing?

KeeGuard railing is made using hot-dip galvanized structural tubing and fittings. To provide an added level of protection an anti-corrosive coating is applied.

What Wind Speed Can KeeGuard Withstand?

In its standard configuration, KeeGuard can withstand a wind speed of up to 150 MPH and has the ability to be engineered to withstand higher wind forces.

Will KeeGuard Penetrate My Roof Surface?

No. KeeGuard is a non-penetrating railing that uses counterbalance weights that are made from rubber and recycled PVC. The will not puncture your roof surface. The dimpled bases of the boot allow for water to flow, eliminating pooling.

What Color is KeeGuard Available In?

KeeGuard railing comes standard with an anti-corrosive clear coating over a hot-dipped galvanized steel finish. KeeGuard can be painted or powder-coated (RAL Colors) to match any building or aesthetic preference.

How long does it take to install KeeGuard Safety Railing?

The system typically takes two people to install up to 600 linear feet in an 8-hour day once all the equipment is on the roof and the location is free of stones and loose debris.

Is KeeGuard Easy to Install?

Yes, KeeGuard is simple to install. All you need is some time for labor and simple hand tools. There’s no permit or special training required to set up KeeGuard railing.

How Can I Get an Estimate on a KeeGuard System?

Call one of our experts at 1.866.527.2275 or send us a chat. Some information needed includes locations of hazards, size of the roof, type of work being done, and frequency of access.

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