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Modular Roof Stepover Systems

We provide off the shelf stepovers in a number of sizes which can provide instant safe access across a wide variety of roof hazards.

Customised Roof Stepovers

We also provide customised solutions to suit large or more obscure obstacles. Our design team will design a simple stepover system to ensure safe access throughout the working area.



Complies to EN14122-3 and EN516 Class 1-C



Meets and exceeds the relevant strength requirements



Can be easily transported and erected as required.



Ensures safe access around roof hazards

Safe Roof Access Across Hazards

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Compliant With Safety Standards

Our customised roof stepovers are designed to exceed the relevant standards to guarantee the best safety solution for work to be carried out on rooftops. They provide a designated access route to required working areas, while traversing any possible hazards.

  • EN 14122-3: Relates to the requirements for stairs, stepladders and guardrails, along with the adjustable and moveable parts of these fixed means of access.
  • EN516 Class 1-C: Relates to the quality of pre-fabricated accessories

Strong And Durable Roof Platforms

Our bespoke roof stepovers are built using industrial strength aluminium or steel tube. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, each stepover system is designed to last the test of time and any harsh weather conditions which an exposed roof may be prone too.

All steel tube clamps are galvanised to EN 1461.

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Modular Guardrail Systems

The beauty of the stepovers modular construction is not only that they can be customised to suit the roof hazard, they can also be easily manouevered both to and around the roof surface.

Adjustments can easily be made to the system on site, as all fittings can be connected or disconnected using just an allen key.

We are happy to help with all design enquiries, no matter how big or small.

Traversing Roofs Hazards Safely

Installing custom stepovers will allow for safe access to all parts of the roof, taking any potential hazards out of the equation. This includes smaller stepovers for wires and other trip hazards, along with larger working platforms around AC units and other rooftop equipment.

Used in conjunction with other safety systems such as roof guardrail, roof light guardrails and ladder safety gates, bespoke stepovers can help workers maintain a safe environment when working at height.

For all inquiries, call us on 086 1408442.

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Alternative Platform Uses

Large Vehicle Maintenance

Large Vehicle Maintenance

Hard To Reach Areas

Hard To Reach Areas

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Other Safety Products

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what I need?

Simply let us know the dimensions(such as the width and height) of the hazard(s). Or send us a drawing of the roof if possible. We can come up with an option to suit your needs.

Can a stepover be altered for different hazards?

All stepovers are built with individual components and can be customised to suit each scenario. They can also be modified and added to on-site if required.

Can these systems be used at ground level?

We have a range of stepovers to suit many different applications. This can include around machinery, maintenance of large vehicles and other hard to reach areas.

Can the stepovers be self-installed?

Yes most stepovers are easy to install and maintain. We also provide a helpful service to guide you through the process.

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