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Safe Access and Fall Protection for Roof Lights

Kee Dome provides a square or rectangular freestanding guardrail section around otherwise dangerous skylights and roof hatches. Its weighted system ensures that it is non-penetrating and does not impact the surface of the roof.

This results in safe rooftop access for maintenance and repair work while eliminating the risk of falling through exposed areas.



Complies to EN 14122 and EN 13374.



Meets and exceeds strength requirements for guardrail.



Can be easily transported and erected as required.

Collective fall protection


Provides a secure hand hold for safe access.

Kee Dome Roof Light Guardrail

roof light protection

Compliant With Skylight Safety Standards

Kee Dome systems are fully compliant with the relevant skylight safety standards, allowing for a permanent means of access while keeping workers safe from harm and preventing them from a fatal fall. Each steel component is galvanised to EN 1461 to enhance their durability and make them a long term option.

  • EN 14122-3: Relates to the permanent means of access involving stairs, stepladders and guardrails
  • EN1461: Deals with the surface requirements of galvanised coating, post galvanising inspection, uniformity of coating thickness and information on coating adhesion.

Strong And Durable Skylight Protection

All variations of Kee Dome are constructed with industrial strength galvanised steel along with recycled PVC weights. The system is held together using Kee Klamp fittings which are cast to comply with EN 1562 and 1563.

This ensures that the Kee Dome is tough, durable and a long lasting safety solution, designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

roof light guardrail
skylight protection

Modular Roof Light Guardrail Systems

Each of our guardrail kits are modular systems which can be assembled and disassembled using an allen key. The guardrail uprights can slot out of the weighted bases also, making the system easily transported to the roof and to the required positions.

Despite being component based, the Kee Dome is quickly and easily assembled and requires no specialised training or tools to do so.

We can customise each system to perfectly suit the hazard and to be be discreet within the working environment upon the roof.

Safety to Prevent Falls Through Roof Lights

Falls From Height remains one of the main causes of workplace accidents and fatalities and unprotected skylights remain on the main hazards. Kee Dome helps to keep workers safe by forming a secure perimeter around such hazards.

Providing a safe means of access and keeping workers safe from harm is a must for all building owners.

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Technical Data

Kee Dome has been extensively tested to EN 14122, which deals with permanent means of access to machinery, along with working platforms and walkways.

Kee Dome guardrails are hot dip galvanised to EN 1461: 199, ensuring that it can withstand harsh conditions on roof surfaces.

The system is held in position by posts which are attached to recycled PVC weights around the perimeter of the hazard.

Where access is required through a roof hatch, a self-closing safety gate can be included to ensure that there is never a void left within the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the roof light protection be self-installed?

Each rooflight guardrail can be easily installed, without the need for specialised labour.

Can this roof light protection be altered for different hazards?

Yes, all guardrails are constructed with Kee Klamp components and separate weights. We are happy to help design a solution to suit the need.

How are these systems transported to the roof surface?

As each guardrail section is component based, it can be easily transported on a pallet to the rooftop. From here, it can be manouevered around the roof to the desired locations.

Can the system contain an access point?

Yes, our Kee Dome systems are often installed to cover around a roof hatch access point. To allow access, we would leave a break in the system which is protected by a Self-Closing Safety Gate.

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